IBM Partners With MongoDB’s 10gen To Enable Better NoSQL To Relational Database Communication

While the world going mobile at a breath taking rate, the popularity of next generation databases, i.e. NoSQL database are getting more attention by mobile developers to be used in their apps. Mobile apps need to be scalable under variety of workloads which is exactly what NoSQL databases offer.

With that in mind big companies who have been using relational databases seem to be disconnected from the mobile space. That's why most relational database vendors are putting their attention to NoSQL databases. IBM is no different. They recently announced that they are partnering with 10gen, a company behind popular MongoDB NoSQL database. The deal is to accomplish better communication between IBM's traditional relational database DB2 and 10gen's NoSQL MongoDB.

Although traditional relational databases are robust and fast, they don't scale well. Where as document based NoSQL databases are readily scalable horizontally. Relational databases therefore are no longer the choice are mobile developers for their apps. This leaves big companies isolated from the mobile space as all of their data resides on relational databases.

With this collaboration IBM hopes to reduce the gap between the two database kinds. Technically the two types of databases are very different in nature and this communication may not be very easy but it will be worth seeing for the tech industry what outcome this collaboration gives.